An exciting new fashion event experience for SL is coming! This is Epicene. It’s all a unique sale all about unisex appeal.

For this event, there is an equal number of designers who do female items and designers who do male items, as well as there are many who will offer unisex & both female and male versions of their exclusives for the round they’re in. You can bring your opposite sex friend or date, and you can both come away from the event happy, with fuller inventories. You will never hear the familiar words uttered “There’s nothing for dudes here!” when you attend this event.

Designers have creative control over what they choose to make, with no theme to limit their imagination. You will only find 100% original content at Epicene, from original mesh clothing and hair to poses, tattoos, appliers and makeup. The event is open now for Round 1 and going until April 30th. Round 2 starts May 10th, so stay tuned.


Participating Designers

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